Bone Readings - Individual 

Come meet with me and see what the bones have to tell you. We can meet in my home in Grand Blanc, Michigan or at one of the many events I attend.  $30 for 30 mins. 


Want to offer the guests at your party something different than the same old Photo booth? How about Bone readings for everyone whom wants one! I would love to attend your party, wedding, or other get together and help it be an event your guests wont ever forget. Contact me for more information and to work out cost. 

Bone Reading - Group or Party


Workshops and Classes 

Do you own or run an event or venue where you would like me to teach? Please let me know. I have a number of workshops already prepared and may be willing to build one on a topic you suggest. It doesn't hurt to ask.  


Weddings and Hand-fasting  

I am ordained and can legally preform marriages. I am a skilled ritutalist with knowledge on many paths, backgrounds and traditions. I am willing to work with those involved to make this important days powerful and beautiful.  I an open minded individual with a understanding on many forms of relationships and am willing to work with those involved to make a ritual or ceremony that fits your lifestyle and your love. 


Rites of Passage and Funerals 

Whether it be a celebration of entering a new stage of life or the celebration and grieving for a life well lived that has come to an end, I am available to facilitate.  

My Services


Reiki or Other Healing Work

Trained in Reiki, Curanderismo and other forms of traditional metaphysical and spiritual healing I am available for when you need more than what "modern medicine" has to offer.  

Bone Readings - Individual 

Bone Readings - Individual